Student Masterclass Webinars for ECIS Schools

Bring the SILC online programme to your students!

Help complement your students’ online learning experience with this flexible series of three one-to-one leadership webinars based on the curriculum developed by the Swiss Leadership Camp & Academy together with their school partners.

Our senior trainers deliver the programme live, and students receive individual feedback and coaching. Ideal for both new and returning SILC students, ages 9 to 17, these masterclasses help hone leadership skills that can be applied immediately in daily life.

It’s a simple process should you wish to share this opportunity with your school community, simply;

  1. Contact us for a free dedicated school discount code, flyer and/or parent newsletter template
  2. Share the flyer/newsletter & discount code with your school community
  3. Parents register their children and pay for the course directly via our website

Benefit your school

  • Improved student engagement at school and online classes.
  • Improved student well-being and motivation.
  • Position your school as a promoter of students’ further development by offering a unique opportunity to your students for a specially reduced fee.
  • Minimal work for schools; fully planned, organised and delivered by SILC Academy.
  • Modules aligned with your school curriculum, values and guidance programme
  • No cost to schools.

Benefit your families

  • Open to all students: Year/Grade 8-13 (ages 12 to 17).
  • Fully flexible: Students schedule their lessons at a time that suits them.
  • Private tutorship: One-to-one live from expert trainers with personalised feedback.
  • Students learn practical skills for daily application in both their academic and private lives.
  • Fully individualised programme: students select the modules they would like to cover based on the skills they can most benefit from.
  • Students finish with a certificate and Personal Action Plan connecting the skills they learned to their own daily lives.
  • €100 per student for the entire course which is a 20% reduction on the full fee via a dedicated discount code.

Customised to your school

We can provide your school with a custom school brochure and dedicated discount code, as seen below, as well as a handy text for sharing with your families. Families can then register directly with us.

Simply reach out to to take advantage of this great offer!


Flexible times, expert trainers & practical skills

Bite-size masterclasses with flexible times

  • Three 30 minute live webinars with a focus on real world application, fit easily around students’ classes and other commitments
  • Flexible sessions – students can arrange a time for each webinar that suits their schedule, 7 days a week between 9am and 20pm your time. Using our Zoom for Education platform, all participants need is an internet connection, and they can enjoy our masterclasses using any device.

Bespoke programme delivered by experts

  • One-to-one webinars delivered by SILC senior trainers who are experts in the selected module and have extensive experience working with students at our school workshops, conferences, camps and online webinars to maximise engagement and individual learning
  • Students choose their own programme based on nine modules from three topics: goal setting & time management, communication skills, talent development & teamwork. The modules can be aligned with your school curriculum, values, and guidance programme

Real world application and ongoing development

  • Every session ends with a practical and fun task to reinforce the learning outcome that can be applied in school and daily life without additional time-commitment and is followed up in the next personal session
  • Each participant completes the course with a Personal Action Plan to ensure continued development as well as a certificate of completion that looks great on CV’s

SILC one-to-one leadership webinars

Reach out to us to receive free a custom school brochure and dedicated discount code, or to discuss further.


For more than 12 years the SILC Learning Experiences and unique curriculum has benefited students around the world, complementing their academic learning with the addition of essential soft skills for their future.

Here are some of the schools with whom we have worked: