SILC Academy

Develop Skills for success


The SILC Student Leadership Masterclass programme collaborates with world-class organisations to teach students relevant 21st Century skills that complement their academic studies. Learning from industry leaders and our expert trainers during talks, group webinars, and one-to-one sessions, students complete fun and practical challenges based on a curricular framework developed with some of the top private schools around the world.


At the end of each masterclass series, students complete their own own Personal Action Plan. This powerful tool for ongoing development helps students to identify their strengths, and skills that they would like to build upon, as well as presenting a roadmap for personal growth and achieving their goals.

Key Skills

Goal Setting & Time Management

Learn strategies to help accomplish your goals by being proactive and motivated while setting priorities based on importance and urgency. Students also learn high performance strategies while aligning goals and priorities with others.  

  • Module 1: Goal Setting
    Learn how to be constantly proactive and to set the right goals 
  • Module 2: Making Choices
    Learn how to set the right priorities and how to align choices with your peers.
  • Module 3: Constructive routines and high performance
    Learn how to self-evaluate & optimise your actions

Communication & Presentation techniques

Explore the key components of effective communication based on connecting with others, using practical techniques to better understand each other and by placing yourself in someone else’s shoes.

  • Module 1: Communicate & Connect
    Practice connecting with others and building rapport by asking questions, mirroring and using the right body language
  • Module 2: Present & Convince
    Learn about presentation skills and how to successfully share your ideas
  • Module 3: Conflict & Reconnect
    Explore conflict management styles and how to turn a disconnect into a stronger connection 

Team Training & Talent Development

Everyone has their own strengths and talents, some we might be aware of, others not. Learn how to better identify and develop your talents and preferred team roles in daily life and when working with friends.

  • Module 1: Talent Development
    Discover your character strengths and how to further develop them
  • Module 2: Well-being & Healthy Habits
    Discover tools for boosting your satisfaction in life while keeping habits that motivate and inspire you
  • Module 3: Team Work
    See how to create synergy from different team roles and character strengths when working together